Art Journal Backgrounds – Stained Glass by

Today, I wanted to share a blog post I read by that I found really interesting and cool!  The link was posted on Facebook.  She gives instructions on how to create your own art journal backgrounds.  I thought this would be a good idea to use on stretched artist’s canvas to create a piece of modern abstract art.   Photo is credited to

According to the blog post, you will need:

– Black gesso

– Ink sprays (she used Dylusions by Dyan Reavely for Ranger)

– Modeling paste or white gesso (she used modeling paste)

– stencil

– paint brush

I am summarizing here.  First coat your entire page spread or canvas with with black gesso.  Let it dry completely.  Spray several colors of ink on the dry gesso and let this layer dry completely!  Lay your stencil over your dried background.  Use your fingers or washi tape to keep the stencil in place while you work.  Spread white gesso or modeling paste through the stencil with the paintbrush.  Carefully lift the stencil off the page.  After a few minutes, the ink sprays will “bleed” through the gesso or modeling paste, giving your page a stained glass effect.  So cool!



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