Hudson Valley Etsy Pop-Up Artists Event at Etui Fiber Arts

I was at Etui Fiber Arts in Larchmont yesterday with other artists from the Hudson Valley Etsy Pop-Up Artists team for our 2nd pop-up store event. I sold a small wall hanging (the small one with the portrait in the center next to the basket) a fabric heart door hanger (the red one in the basket). I bought a Lavender soy candle from Dina of Petunia’s Corner for my daughter, Rebecca, who loves candles. I am going to be listing the remaining items that I didn’t sell at the pop-up in my Etsy shop. If you see anything in the photos that you like and think you would want to order from me, please contact me Wall Hangings by Robin Larido Silk Pillow Cushion Covers by Robin Larido Pillows by Robin Larido (3) Fabric Pocket Organizers by Robin Larido Fabric Heart Ornaments by Robin Larido Pillow by Robin Larido (2)

My table set up.
My table set up.

and I will set up a reserved listing for you. I will be pricing the pillows from $25 – $45, pillow covers from $15 – 20, and the hearts from $10 – 20. I also have three fabric wall hanging pocket organizers from $15 – 25. Please contact me for details regarding exact pricing, dimensions and fabric content, if interested.


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