My First Gallery Exhibit

I will be having my very first gallery exhibit titled “Mixed Media Collage Art:  Explorations in Texture and Shape”  at the Hendrick Hudson Free Library in Montrose, NY.  I have been very busy creating new works on artist canvas, as well as corrugated cardboard.  Using the cardboard as my substrate was a lot of fun.  I was able to create texture and visual interest by peeling away the top layers to reveal the ribbing underneath.  It made for some really interesting effects such as rusted patina copper, tarnished metal, and corrugated steel that became part of the overall design.   I have been working around themes such as garden blooms, natural elements, vintage ephemera and industrial.  The works will be displayed throughout the month of February 2015 in the 2nd floor corridor and conference room.  In addition, I will be setting up a display in the lobby showcase of my three dimensional works, including shadowboxes, shrines and mixed media assemblage art.


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